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A guest speaker addressed CoBE students at Accounting Career Day.A guest speaker addressed CoBE students at Accounting Career Day

Students wishing to make timely progress toward graduation are urged to pay careful attention to all degree requirements. In addition, when planning a schedule of courses, it is imperative to be aware of course prerequisites and the frequency with which courses are offered, information that is available for each course in the listing at the back of this Catalog. To ensure progress toward graduation, students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor each semester before registering. There are a few commonly used forms that are needed in registration.

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Make an Appointment with Your CoBE Academic and Career Advisor. If you have any questions, you may contact CoBE Academic and Career Advisor, Helen Tien .

Applied Learning at UH Hilo

The Research, Internship and Applied Learning Opportunities program is designed to and help students connect academic learning to the real world, enabling them to obtain and enhance the knowledge and skills required for employment, further education, and active participation in the local community.