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Accounting (Cert.: Accounting, B.B.A.: Accounting)

Accounting is the language of business, used to measure and communicate the financial health of an organization. You will learn generally accepted accounting principles, providing knowledge and skills to you for licensure and certification exams.

Business Administration (Minor: Business Administration, Cert.: Business Administration, Cert.: Business Administration, B.B.A.: Business Administration)

This program teaches the foundation in business enterprise functions and preparation to become managers in private and public sector organizations. It is a great choice if you are interested in starting your own companies. Many courses focus on small business management and entrepreneurship.

Economics (Minor: Economics)

Study how people satisfy desires through production, exchange, and consumption. These economic activities require time, energy, and scarce material and financial resources. Economics informs resource allocation choices.

Finance (Cert.: Finance)

Finance deals with making decisions about resource allocation under uncertain conditions, using economic theories to price assets based on risk and expected rate of return. It is relevant to occupations including risk management, financial planning, investments, insurance, real estate, and banking.

Sustainable Tourism Certificate (Cert.: Sustainable Tourism Certificate)

The Sustainable Tourism Certificate is intended to familiarize students with international travel and tourism in terms of the tourists themselves, their service providers, and the government policies that can facilitate or create barriers for travel or for tourism development.