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Scholarship Awards Ceremony

2016-2017 Awards Ceremony - May 3, 2017

  • Newly inducted Beta Gamma Sigma members along with Dr. Terrance Jalbert, CoBE Professor of Finance and Dr. Eric Im, CoBE Professor of Economics
  • Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce Scholarship recipients along with Miles Yoshioka of Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce
  • Beta Gamma Sigma new inductees and scholarship winners

Beta Gamma Sigma Induction

This years College of Business and Economics Awards Ceremony included the induction of candidates into Beta Gamma Sigma and awarded scholarships to 14 CoBE students.

*For more information regarding the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society, visit

CoBE Merit Scholarship

For more information regarding CoBE Scholarships, please contact our office at cobeuhh[at] or (808) 932-7272.

Awards Ceremonies from Prior Years