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Registering for Restricted or Closed Courses

You may be unable to register for a course that you want for a variety of reasons. You may be missing one of the course prerequisites, or possibly you may have not been formally admitted to a Business or Accounting major. Course prerequisites and the requirements for admission to Business programs are all listed under the Programs tab just above. Review those first to be sure that you have not overlooked one of them, or talk with your adviser. The CoBE office can help you find your Business adviser and will help you formally declare your major in Business. Talk with your Business Adviser about the problems you are having. There may be an easy solution they can provide.

Professor Kelly Burke instructing an introductory business class
Professor Kelly Burke instructing an introductory business class

What to do if you think you have met all the course requirements

  • Make sure you have your student ID number and the Course Registration Number (CRN) for each course for which you wish to register
  • Stop by the College of Business and Economics Office and complete a Course Permission form.
  • If you choose to download and complete the Course Permission form, you may attach your form to an email to: cobeuhh[at]
  • Complete your request for up to four classes on one form. There is space for explanations of special circumstances or problems for each course..
  • Once you have completed and turned in your form, watch your email for notification and instructions for registration if permission is granted.