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CoBE Faculty and Staff

Office of the Dean

Tam Vu photoTam Vu

Interim Dean; Professor, Economics

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7272, Tam’s Email, Tam’s Website

Jacqueline “Jackie” Sales-Iyo photoJacqueline “Jackie” Sales-Iyo


Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7272, Jackie’s Email

Erin P.K. Swain

Institutional Support

Contact: Tel: (808)-932-7272, Erin’s Email

Department of Business Administration and Economics

Kelly Burke photoKelly Burke

Professor, Management Information Systems

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7248, Kelly’s Email, Kelly’s Website

Jerry Calton photoJerry Calton

Professor, Management

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7247, Jerry’s Email, Jerry’s Website

Emmeline de Pillis photoEmmeline de Pillis

Professor, Management & Department Chair, CoBE

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7251, Emmeline’s Email, Emmeline’s Website

Thomas DeWitt photoThomas DeWitt

Associate Professor, Marketing

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7245, Thomas’s Email

Krishna S. Dhir photoKrishna S. Dhir

Professor, Management Science

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7240, Krishna’s Email, Krishna’s Website

Kimberly Furumo photoKimberly Furumo

Professor, Management Information Systems

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7239, Kimberly’s Email, Kimberly’s Website

Terrance Jalbert photoTerrance Jalbert

Professor, Finance

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7249, Terrance’s Email, Terrance’s Website

Gene Johnson photoGene Johnson

Associate Professor, Accounting

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7252, Gene’s Email

Keisuke Nakao photoKeisuke Nakao

Associate Professor, Economics

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7228, Keisuke’s Email, Keisuke’s Website

Richard “Gary” Rovelstad

Instructor, Accounting

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7896, Gary’s Email

John “Scott” S. Thompson

Instructor, Economics

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7546, Scott’s Email

Emeriti Faculty

Hahn, Youngki
Emeritus Professor of Economics
B.A. 1961, Muskingum College
M.A., 1963, Ohio State University
Ph.D., 1971, University of California, Riverside

Hammes, David
Emeritus Professor of Economics
Ph.D. 1985, Simon Fraser University

Hennessey, Henry "Hank"
Emeritus Professor of Business Administration
Ph.D. 1980, University of Georgia

Hora, Stephen C.
Emeritus Professor of Management Science and Statistics
B.S., 1964, D.B.A., 1973, University of Southern California