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CoBE Job Shadowing: Description of Organizations

Executive explaining something to students

Companies to Shadow:


A people-first culture combined with Tropical Fusion cuisine in a fast-casual environment and the dedication to local charities.

What to expect:

  • Managing Inventory and Ordering
  • Scheduling for the next week of labor and tasks
  • Ensuring as the day proceeds that all tasks are done timely and efficiently
  • Hiring and Training new personnel
  • One-to-One meetings, usually once a week with each crew member
  • Review of Catering/PDR (private dining room) and Remote events

Hawai╩╗i Benefits Solutions

ÔÇťAflac develops relevant voluntary insurance products and sells them through expanded distribution channels.ÔÇŁ

What to Expect:

  • Prospecting - In person or on the phone, to a business trying to get an appointment with the business owner to discuss possible implementation of Aflac for their employees.
  • Business Owner Meetings. Typically one-on-one with the business owner to learn more about their business to see if Aflac would be a good fit for them.
  • Employee Presentations - Presentation of Aflac Products to the employee workforce. Most of the time in small groups.
  • Employee Enrollments - Signing employees up for Aflac Plans.
  • Post Enrollments - Closing the deal with the business owner.

LQ Business developer

ÔÇťIf you are looking to improve your health, while having fun doing it, then S.M.A.R.T. Exercise Classes are for YOU!ÔÇŁ MISSING ICON external-link

What to Expect:

  • Businesses should enhance a business owner's LQ, but often detract from it. An LQ business developer helps people start or improve their businesses, so that the business generates a better LQ for all involved.
  • Reviewing the Five LQ Principles with a business owner
  • Start an LQ business analysis to figure out how to improve the LQ of all involved in the business. A high LQ business also ends up being a more financially successful business.

Akatsuka Orchid Gardens

Vertically integrated orchid grower/retail/online sales business in Volcano. Will have the opportunity to review a full range of operations management activities. MISSING ICON external-link

What to Expect:

  • Learn about the orchid growing process and the different growing stages
  • See the operations of a tourism/retail business
  • Product export process and gaining insight on how we ship our products
  • The importance of diversification and seeing the different departments/products we offer
  • The importance of customer service and branding

Hawai╩╗i Tea Co-op

The Hawai╩╗i Medicinal Tea and Herb Cooperative was organized to help tea consumers work together to acquire great value tea business development services which they could not acquire on their own.

What to Expect:

  • Project Management
  • Long range planning of large scale agricultural projects
  • Common pitfalls encountered with agricultural projects
  • Importance of genetic sourcing to meet the needs of the project
  • Collaboration to take the plan into reality

Big Island Toyota

Selling and servicing Toyota and Scion vehicles in the greater Hilo area.

What to expect:

  • Sales: selling system, selling skills, sales processes and the road to a sale
  • Customer service: (Service/Sales department) who is your customer, putting yourself in the customerÔÇÖs shoes, providing excellent customer service and how businesses use feedback
  • Accounting: work flow of each accounting function (accounts payable/receivable, check writing, posting, cash receipts, etc.) and how everything feeds into a DOC (daily operating control) and ultimately a financial statement
  • Human Resources: the elements of the hiring process, the application, the interview, pre-hire, orientation, and payroll auditing

HPM Building Supply

Supplying Hawaii with over 2200 lines of pro-grade lumber, building materials and tools

What to expect:

  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing

Aloha All Natural Cleaning Services

A 100% Natural and Eco-Friendly Company. We are proud to provide cleaning services for the East side of the Big Island.

What to expect:

  • Managing employees
  • Dispatching
  • Scheduling
  • Customer service
  • Problem solving
  • Office organization
  • Sales

HFS Federal Credit Union (Marketing Department)

At HFS FCU we believe that the success of our credit union comes from your success.

What to expect:

  • Managing a department budget
  • Marketing Strategic Planning
  • Promotion/special event planning and reporting
  • Adaption of Advertising and Social Media for Financial Institutions
  • Regulatory guidelines and restrictions
  • Website management
  • Staff training (depending on the week of shadowing)

Hawai╩╗i Community College (Information Center)

For 75 years Hawai╩╗i CC has provided access to higher education opportunities, trained a skilled workforce and supported the economic development of the County of Hawai╩╗i.

What to expect:

Information Center

  • day to day office operations
  • customer Service skills/interpersonal skills
  • creating flyers/posters
  • editing the student newsletter
  • social media marketing
  • coordinating special events (campus tours, Hawai'i CC Day, Express Admissions & Enrollment Days, Commencement. etc.)
  • writing Assessments & Reviews
  • fiscal processing, budgeting
  • scheduling room and vehicle reservations

Financial Aid

  • financial aid processing
  • awarding financial aid and scholarships

Various Meetings

  • facilitating meetings
  • recording minutes
  • conducting a presentation